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Empowering your college journey,
one step at a time

Our Vision

At Cambor Educational Consulting, we help students and families make smart, strategic decisions about their academic options. Throughout the college application process, we strive to offer guidance that is:​

Informed: We draw on our extensive knowledge of the ever-changing higher-education landscape and bring you the most up-to-date information so that you can make the choice that is right for your family.

Inclusive: We believe that neurodiversity should not be a barrier to achieving success and help our clients to strengthen their own resilience and resourcefulness as they set out to achieve their goals.

Individualized: No two students are alike. We celebrate our students’ unique strengths and interests and encourage them to define their own path.


Our Services


Develop a clear plan to ensure that your goals and priorities guide the college search process


Conduct a comprehensive review of each student's learning profile with a focus on reinforcing essential skills and competencies 


Provide guidance about which academic environments will provide each student with the tools, support, and strategies to feel confident and find success 

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Kate Cambor